Tip of the Iceberg…

genesis copy

Nine chapters of Genesis – out of a total of 50 – just the tip of the iceberg. I was really glad to hear Don say that we could revisit Genesis again…..hopefully soon! It is such a rich history filled with incredibly vibrant, exciting accounts of our bold, daring ancestors and their very personal relationships with God.

We promoted the Genesis Series with the catch phrase “Why – Not How”….

So – WHY?

Why would God – who can simply speak and create an entire universe of incomparable beauty – Why would he go to such great lengths……over, and over, and over again – to have a relationship with humankind?


In all our brokenness, our shamefulness, our sin…..in a world filled with darkness, hiding things so depraved that I shutter to even imagine – WHY? Why would God reach out again and again? Why would a being so powerful and wonderful and omnipotent even acknowledge a sinner like me – let alone want a relationship with me?

One word. LOVE.

Love so deep and so wide that it NEVER ends. Love so vast and eternal that in this life we can only possibly hope to experience the tip of the iceberg. And even though we are all broken and sinful, He gave us the ultimate way to experience a relationship with Him that knows no bounds – eternal love that never ends.

For God – so LOVED the world – that He gave His only son – that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.” John 3:16

Why? LOVE .

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