“*Some Assembly Required” has been the longest running sermon series on record at actionchurch for a reason. I’m pretty sure it was designed especially for me. I may have actually been partially responsible for this never-ending┬áseries.

I pretty sure this is an excerpt from the weekly leadership meeting minutes:

Don: “Kenna still looks confused.”
Steve: “You might have to preach it another week.”
Josiah: “I hope she get’s it soon…I’ve got some great slides planned fro the next series!”

I’ve been faithfully following along each week. I’ve been dedicated to reading the book of Joshua over and over. I even have my allen wrench laying right where I can see it each day. And it’s taken me THIS LONG to really understand that I can trust God to give me anything I need to do whatever He asks. Friends and fellow “assemblers”- that means ANYTHING! Or maybe more importantly – EVERYTHING – Intangibles included.

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve needed strength and courage. God offered it to me. I’ve needed wisdom and guidance. God delivered it to me. I’ve needed encouragement and support. God provided it for me. In each and every situation that God was asking me to face – He included, in the box, those non-material, intangible, unquantifiable “things” that I needed.

You see – all along I was only thinking in the sense of material objects. I knew God wanted to give me “good stuff”, and that He wanted me to work for those things. But, while I was focused on IKEA bookshelves, God had something MUCH greater on the drafting table.

Everything is in the box…everything.

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