The IKEA affect


Children are truly a gift from God. And, as we learned on Sunday – all God’s gifts come with SOME ASSEMBLY REQURIED. So the first part of the assembly process is pretty fun! Isn’t it? Let’s just stop right there on that one!

But, in some cases it can also be pretty hard work. Ask any married couple with medical problems, or those who may be grappling with infertility issues and they can tell you just what I’m talking about. After my husband’s bout with cancer, the doctors were pretty sure we would never be able to have children. That was heart breaking for both of us. We worked on the assembly process and we prayed and prayed and prayed that it would be God’s will for us to have a family.

And let me just say – be very careful what you pray for! Most of you know my children – right?!?!

But seriously , once the baby arrives – the real work begins:
Assemble the crib…and the changing table….and the rocking chair
(allen wrench included)
2:00 a.m. feedings
Diaper changes
Doctor visits
Baby proof the house
Chase the baby around the house
More diaper changes
Assemble the bunk bed
Homework help
Transportation to and from the
sports practices
music practices
youth fellowship and Sunday school
More doctor visits (and don’t forget the ER)
school supply shopping
RE-assemble the car
moral instruction (aka Birds & Bees)

And you think your job is done – right?

NOT EVEN CLOSE! Just ask my mom….she is still raising me.

Children are one of God’s greatest blessings…..and raising those children is incredibly hard work – a labor of love.

“Every good and perfect gift is from above…..” James 1:17

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