I Like to Party


I Like to Party

My first crew gig with actionchurch was in the garage of a dance club.    Yep.  As crazy as it sounds….it was even crazier in person.  The actionkidz venue was in what technically was the garage area of Club 19 and I volunteered one month each quarter to teach what would (in a normal church) be the equivalent of Sunday School – ONLY LIKE A PARTY!  Each week we would set up the bounce house and a big screen TV (housed in the back of a VW bus)..…there were strobe lights, video games, donut sugar highs, loud music and the kids would go nuts!  At 10:59 we would lower a huge overhead garage door and the “lesson” would begin.

All things considered it was a pretty cushy gig.  There were no attendance sticker charts. There were no lesson plans to prepare.  You weren’t even required to come up with a cutesy craft each week.  And if you forgot your objective there were three big posters hanging from the ceiling reminding everyone what we needed to learn:

  1.  Put God first
  2. Treat others the way you want to be treated
  3.  Make wise choices

Sound familiar?

It was simple.  I liked it.  It worked.  And most importantly – “we didn’t make it up”! (That’s a Don quote)  It’s been working for thousands of years!  Jesus taught his followers the EXACT SAME MESSAGE!!

The – My Name’s Steve and I Like to Party Sermon gave me a sweet reminder of my early crew days. (Same message – different venue – same sugar high)  What’s even sweeter is that I continue to see this message exemplified each and every week at actionchurch.  All you have to do is look around to see it put into practice.  Our leaders live and breathe these principles with their families.  (Wife jokes excluded) Our crew demonstrates it in their relationships with each other. And our small groups are developing into solid “parties” of individuals who idealize these beliefs.

Treat others the way you want to be treated.  Period.

We didn’t make it up.  Jesus taught it for a reason.  It works. Period.

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