Giving Thanks

I’m up early this thanksgiving morning mostly because at my parents house in Missouri- the early bird gets the hot shower…and the first shot at chocolate pie. As I sit here this thanksgiving morning I’m thinking about family. Above is a picture of just a few of my brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews, in-laws and outlaws. We’re going to sit down later today (nearly fifty of us) and share a meal…and many stories of shared experiences, good and bad. I’m thankful for this opportunity to spend this time with so many people that I love and share a common history…to just enjoy their company and eat..and laugh…and talk…a lot.

I hope you are enjoying time with family and friends this thanksgiving day as well. I hope you take just a moment as I am this morning to express thanks to God for the blessing that having family is. Most of all, I hope you are part of my extended family (that don’t share my really questionable DNA :-) ) but share an even greater bond as fellow followers of Christ. There truly is not a more important thing to be grateful for in this life.

So, happy thanksgiving, actionchurch. I’m thankful for you. Maybe it’s just the pie talking, but I can’t think of another group of people on the planet I’d rather go through life with.  I’m truly blessed to be part of your family.



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