Saying Yes = Saying No.

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I had a great question this week that I thought I’d answer on the Blog.  We’re just two weeks away from beginning announcements, sign-ups, t-shirt sales, and a host of other exciting things for this years Relay for Life Event on June 22-23rd.  (This coming Sunday we’ll be celebrating Mom on Mothers Day!)  Someone asked me how we managed to get so many great volunteers to serve from a church our size.

Here’s the answer…two answers actually.

First, we have really great Leaders.  Kenna and her “disciples” :-)  put on serving opportunities that are run well…and actually make a difference in our community. Who wouldn’t want to be part of something like that?  (Can’t wait for all of you to hear the details on the 19th!)

Second, we say NO to a lot of good opportunities…to fully take advantage of GREAT OPPORTUNITIES as a church.  actionchurch folks can know that when we ask them to be part of an “all-play” event…when we ask them to be part of a “BIG-ASK” project…there won’t be another project or event the following week.  actiongroups serve their communities as groups on a year round basis, actionchurch is VERY selective about the projects we take on.  We realize that when ask people to make time in their busy schedules, and donate even from their already tight budgets, it HAS to be important, special, crucial…and not just another “announcement” that will come around again in a week or two if you missed it.

I’m sure all of you already use this principle in your personal lives.  Saying yes to something, means saying no to something else.  Saying yes to extra hours at work means saying no to the same amount of time with your family.  Saying yes to those “12 easy payments” means saying no to your goal of being debt-free.  Saying yes to that coconut cream pie means saying no to actually buttoning those shorts from last summer.  Everyone has to say yes (and no!) to opportunities that come along.  As a church we say no to good opportunities, so that the vast majority of actionchurch folks can experience being part of the GREAT opportunities we have to serve our community at events like Relay for Life.

Stay tuned…and DO NOT miss out on being part of the action.



One thought on “Saying Yes = Saying No.

  1. I’ve done Relay for 10 years with my team Cure Seekers (Gretchen’s team) but i’m more excited this year then ever to be part of Action church also!!!