Special Services


Easter is this Sunday, and it’s a GREAT TIME to invite your friends and Family.  Here’s what you can expect when you show up at Frank Theaters ago 10:30 on Sunday-  A very special service…just like every other week.

It’s Easter, so we’ll be talking about a resurrected Jesus (Just like most weeks).   There will be some laughs, (and probably a few groans at an attempted joke that didn’t go so well), and when it’s over you’ll have heard what the Bible says, and why it’s important to us-now. (Just like every other week)  We’re excited about Sunday’s musical Guest Tulain Rayne, but we have lots of great Bands at actionchurch., so even that will not make this an “unusual” week. Your kids, and the friends they bring with them, will love the amazing hour that our actionkidz crew has planned. (Just like every Sunday)  Also, (and this is a solemn promise)  If you bring your friends and family Sunday, you won’t find a robed Gospel Choir on Stage, I won’t be wearing a suit, and we promise not to switch all the slides to King James English.

EVERY week we prepare and pray for first time guests, and also folk giving church “one more try”.    EVERY week is important.   EVERY week is special.   EVERY week we consider the very high stakes, as we try to to engage folks with the GOOD NEWS of Jesus through their heart, intellect, love of art, and hopefully even their sense of humor.

So please, bring as many people as you can to our Easter services Sunday. We want you (and your guests) to experience a welcoming and engaging hour at church…actionchurch…with all it’s quirks and oddities. (Just like every other week).



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