Thin Mint Gospel


It’s girl-scout cookie week, or as I like to call it “thin mint season” at our house. Basically this season involves eating too many tiny, minty, cookies, and  keeping a stack of cash by the front door to pay for all the thin mints that both my wife and I absentmindedly purchased and forgot about.  (Tip:  you can freeze them for later.)

I’ve been thinking about thin mints and the Gospel this morning.  I’m not a fan AT ALL of fundraising and door to door sales.  I especially hate the “Hey-I’m-not-here-to-sell-you-anything-even-though-that’s-clearly-why-i’m-at-your-door” magazine sales lie.  I would NOT like to be greeted every evening with even a girl scout selling cookies…as yummy as thin mints are! However, when people I know who have the “good news” of thin mints for sale…I don’t think badly of them at all for offering me their delicious cookies.  I know they are selling something…I’m not offended…I’m not surprised…That’s what girl scout families “do”.

I think followers of Jesus should be a little like Girl Scouts.  We’ve got the greatest news in the world  (and it doesn’t cost $3.50 for two tiny  sleeves of cookies):-)   We don’t necessarily need to go door to door in our neighborhoods…we should NEVER be pushy…we don’t need to try to bait and switch people into hearing our message like the annoying magazine sales people do.  However, there’s nothing wrong with letting our friends and family know that we have believed the Good News of Jesus, It has changed us, and we are in the “business” of spreading it around.  THAT’S what followers of Jesus do…


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