Being a Herald


Our family took a trip several years ago and returned home through Allentown, PA.  We stopped at Zion’s Reformed Church of Christ which is home to an exact replica of the Liberty Bell – the kids got to touch it and ring it!  The basement of the church has an exhibit dedicated to the time of the American Revolution when the colonists hid the liberty bell in the basement of the church so that it wouldn’t be seized by the British and turned into ammunition for the war. The funny thing was – the British attended that very church while under their feet, under the floor boards, the precious metal that they so wanted was hidden.

I picked up a pamphlet at the museum that caught my attention for this quote – by Edward Hale

 “I am only one, but I am one.  I can’t do everything, but I can do something.  And what I can do, that I ought to do. And what I ought to do, by the grace of God, I shall do”

Go ahead – read it again.  It’s kind of lengthy and old fashioned …but I think it speaks volumes.  It has kind of become my mantra.  When I watch footage of Hurricane Sandy or hear about another senseless shooting tragedy or see pictures of starving kids in Africa – sometimes I get depressed and start to wonder – WHY?  Why is there such evil in this world? Sometimes I even question God and ask why He would allow such evil to exist.   I feel insignificant and incapable of dealing with such huge problems.

Hale’s quote is still taped on my computer.  IT GIVES ME HOPE.  I realize that God does indeed have a plan to change the world.  And it revolves around me.  When I accepted Christ, He not only GAVE me salvation, but He GAVE me the desire to become his herald.  I am supposed to announce to the world that there is hope.  I am supposed to get the message out there – loud and clear – that satan is the force behind evil.  I am supposed to proclaim His good word to anyone who will listen.   I am supposed to change the world – one person at a time – starting with ME.

I certainly don’t have golden wings like a cherub.  Never been accused of being an angel (more of an outlaw myself).   I don’t think I have freaky eyes like some heralds.  And I really, really hope Garret never takes a picture of me looking ANYTHING like Harold the angel.  But I can be – all of us CAN be – HERALDS from God in the midst of the evil in this world.

Now read the quote again – but “actionchurch-ize” it – like this:  I am only one, (insert little sad face) – but I AM one.  I can’t do everything (another little sad face) – but I CAN do SOMETHING.  I should do what I can.  With GOD’S help I will do something.

I challenge each and every one of you – NOW  – TODAY – choose something.  Choose a cause.  Choose a tragedy.  Choose one person who needs to hear you proclaim God’s message.  Rather than allowing tragedy to turn into ammunition for war, become a herald of the peace that passes all understanding.

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