Christmas Giving

donation box

Just wanted to say thank you to all of you who have been so generous in your financial support of actionchurch this year.   As I shared a few weeks ago, it’s not always possible or practical to fully share with you how your gift served others.  Making sure the rent at the theater is paid, filling the truck with diesel, paying the insurance bills,  and buying snacks and supplies for the actionkidz area are just as important to the mission of actionchurch as donating to help send a team to serve in the Hurricane Sandy recovery.  It all matters.  It all assists us in our mission of loving God, loving people, and taking action…every week.

However, without a big “end of year giving drive”, without a “special cause” to donate to, without pictures of orphans or floods :-) your giving has allowed us to do some pretty amazing things this month…and I wanted to share a few of them with you:

Your giving allowed us to start supporting Sarah financially as she serves orphans in Honduras on a monthly basis.

Your giving allowed us to honor our fantastic volunteer crew with a party and gifts to say thank you for all their amazing work.

Your giving allowed us to supply funding to Bridge of Hope to bless a single mom and her children with a home for Christmas.

Your giving is allowing us to purchase pagers for our actionkidz area so we can upgrade our security and ability to contact mom or dad when their little one is needs them during service.  This should also allow new attenders to feel even more comfortable dropping their children off at actionkidz.

Your giving allowed us to provide each of the 50+ employees and managers at Frank Theaters with a Christmas Gift this Christmas.

The list could go on…and there are many other things from new monitor speakers to rolls of gaffer tape that are less exciting, but just as important to our mission as a church.  I just thought you should know that your donations are making a difference.  Thank you so much.


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