Events: Serving & Celebrating

Here’s an email sent out by Kenna who leads our actionchurch events team.   I asked to share it with everyone for a couple of reasons.  

1.  I’m always excited to see a leader who can take their position and leverage it into the development of more leaders and more teams.  (that’s leadership at its finest!)  

2. I think the move to split actionchurch events into “Serving events” and “celebration/gathering events” is wise and timely.  (I wish I could say I thought of it…now we just need a better name for both).

 3.  I think that Rachel Katz was BORN to throw parties and lead events…she’s proven herself to be a good leader and I think she will be a great addition to the actionchurch events team.  

And, since Kenna did such a great job of communicating the new line-up (she’s one of the rare breed of leaders that has the organizational skill I WISH I had…along with the communication skills to clearly explain them)   I want to share her actual words with you.



Our Inside the Camp series focused on our journey together as actionchurch – the body of people that Love God, Love People and Take Action.  Don shared some of the history and some of the inner workings of this crazy mobile church.  Service (the noun) takes place each week in a movie theater.  But service (the verb) takes place 24/7 in the community…..and now we can even say GLOBALLY thanks to Sarah and her girls in Honduras.

As we have grown it has been refreshing to see more and more and more people come on board willing to serve.  One of the coolest things I have witnessed on the journey has been how God has placed people with specific talents in the right place at the right time.

When we were an infant church – everyone served everywhere – just to make Sunday mornings happen.  When we were toddlers – we began to really reach out in the community – events became anything that happened not on Sunday mornings.  It worked.  But it works better when each person uses their unique talents in the correct place.  Now that we are teenagers and know EVERYTHING J – we are coming to realize that we need to fine tune the things that we do to make them even better.

That being said, I am feeling so blessed for the people who have recently come forward with their talents to make events even better for actionchurch.  Missy and Tesha have come forward with that “I’ll do anything you need” attitude that always amazes me as a leader.  It is very refreshing to have new ideas and new able bodies ready and willing to serve.

And speaking of willing to serve – Rachel Katz has found her niche!  Last week Rachel stepped forward and is now going to be leading the social side of events at actionchurch.  I am certain that her style, grace and organizational skills will be the catalysts that “get the party started” for us at social events like the bon-fire, the summer picnic and all kinds of cool gatherings that are in the works.

Rachel will now be heading up the bon-fire that is scheduled for October 19th.  She has some great things planned and I am hoping that we can count on some of you to bring this all together in a big way.


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