Doing Church as a Team

One the things that I’m most grateful for, looking back since the beginning of actionchurch, is the great team that we have been able to assemble.  The actionchurch “Crew” is as diverse, talented, intense, funny, opinionated, sarcastic, hardworking, “real”, and loving cast of “characters” that you will ever meet.  I’m thankful to be included in their team.   Here’s a few thought from Sunday about why I think that “doing church” as a team is the best way to do ministry.

  • The “wins” are bigger…and more fun to celebrate.  There’s always going to be a bigger celebration after a winning football game than a winning long jump.  Doing church as a team allows people with specific talents to “carry the ball” for the entire team…and when everyone pitches in to do their part the results are amazing.  SO proud of Kenna, the events team, and the entire crew and crowd of actionchurch for OWNING the BigASKList!
  • When you are Down…someone is up.  Romans 12:15 commands us as followers of Christ to “laugh with those who laugh, and cry with those that cry”  There’s nothing like a team to allow you to encourage others…and be encouraged.  I cannot imagine trying to do something as difficult as a start-up church-alone.
  • You GET TO apologize (often).  At first look that may not seem like a benefit…but it truly is.  Operating with a team of people you care about, will absolutely illuminate your faults and failures.  The ONLY antidote is to apologize sincerely…and often.  The great thing is that apologizing deflates pride…and allows you to experience being accepted and loved IN SPITE OF your failures.
  • Good Stuff rubs off.  It’s mega-rewarding as a leader to see the principles and traits you teach and live “rub off” on your team mates.  It’s even better to realize that you are also being changed by doing church with your team. It is a rare week that goes by that I don’t walk away from a Sunday morning feeling like I have learned something from a fellow crew member or Management team member.  Most weeks I’m the guy with the microphone, but I am constantly learning and being inspired by what happens off-mic!

That’s some reasons I’ve been thinking of since Sunday that make me grateful to be part of the actionchurch team.  Want to be part of the actionchurch team? Talk to a crew member or email   Did I miss apologizing to you this Sunday? There’s always next week. :-)

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