Do your best (then Do it Better)

This month during the “Inside the Camp” series we are following the example of Deuteronomy in remembering as a church: Where we came from, Who we are, and Who we serve.

Here’s a little visual reminder of all of those things.  Above is a picture from one of our first services Fat Daddy’s Nightclub.  That sturdy metal stand that the plasma is sitting on is actually a wobbly bar table wrapped in corrugated tin roofing, duct tape, and blood from the many times I got cut each sunday “constructing” it.   The chairs are plastic patio chairs “borrowed” from the deck area, and the graphics are low-res powerpoint courtesy of yours truly.  It was the best we could do.

We didn’t wait to start actionchurch until conditions were perfect.  We didn’t even wait to start until we could do things “well”.   We were so convinced that there needed to be “a place” like actionchurch that we simply did the best we could…with what we had.

Below is a picture taken ten months later before one of our first services at our next venue, Club 19.   Someone had donated “real” truss Plasma stands.  Josiah was working his magic with our graphics and signage.   Matching folding chairs and plastic tables felt positively luxurious.

Today we are blessed to have a truck load of equipment, a great crew that actually understands how it works, 350 cushy seats, and a screen that is bigger than the floor plan of our first venue. God has clearly blessed us beyond anything we imagined. But…NONE of this would have happened if we had not STARTED.  And…NONE of it would have happened if we would have decided that our best effort was “good enough”.

Don’t wait.  Start something.

Do your very best. Then do it better!

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