Start Something. Start Somewhere.

According to my latest update, we have over 80 volunteers signed up to serve at Relay for Life this Friday and Saturday at York School of Technology!  Kenna tells me that her freezers (and HOUSE) are bursting with all the food and equipment you brought to share with the crowd on Saturday Morning.  I am confident we will have MORE THAN ENOUGH supplies and volunteers to serve in an amazing way this year (Sounds a little like another story we’ve heard…doesn’t it.)   I am so thankful and proud to be part of a church Loves God, Loves people, and takes action like YOU do!

Five years ago I sat at this same desk on the monday before our first Relay for life.  My wife and I had managed to convince FOUR other adults to walk with us at Relay. As I remember, not all of them showed up. :-)  Our daughter was three…and we were more than nervous about taking her to an 24 hour event.  I was recovering from Mono…yea seriously…mononucleosis so I was supposed to be “resting”.  We had just drained our not-even-a-church-yet bank account to make a $1000 donation to the American Cancer Society, buy a logo’d tent, some invite cards, and print t-shirts for the event. We didn’t have a meeting location planned.  We didn’t have a plan to get one.   On that monday morning, the whole idea seemed foolish…like a big  failure waiting to happen.

Looking back, York Relay for Life 2007 was the official “start” of actionchurch.

Start something…start somewhere.  If God is telling you to do something…do it…no matter how foolish it may seem.  What you start could absolutely fail.  Or it could just become the most amazing thing you’ve ever been part of…

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