Relay for Life 2012

Sunday was the kick-off of our sixth year of serving at York’s Relay for Life. (June 22/23 @ York School of Technology) If you are doing the math, actionchurch’s launch team served at Relay before our Sunday services even began!

As we have done every year, we’ve expanded our commitment to serving at the event.  This year actionchurch folks will provide and staff a free shaved ice stand (donation only/all proceeds go to relay).   We’ll also be providing and staffing a children’s play area with inflatable bouncers and games for the little ones at relay.  As relay for life walkers continue around the track all night, we will again have the opportunity to serve fresh hot (and free) premium coffee to all participants at our coffee tent.  On Saturday morning we will be serving a free hot breakfast to all participants as well.  (we were blessed to serve 500+ last season-2011 picture above).   And, although our main focus is serving the Relay event itself, throughout the relay actionchurch folks will be walking the track with other participants to raise money for the American Cancer Society.

During the last six summers, as a church we have started (and stopped) so many other efforts as a church.  We’ve made changes.  We’ve served or donated to some efforts once and decided to never participate again.   There is a reason that EVERY year as a church we have INCREASED our commitment to serve our local Relay for Life event.  It simply “fits” actionchurch.

Relay fits our original vision to serve other organizations who are doing good-instead of doing “our own thing”.

Relay fits the actionchurch model of EVERYONE being able to serve in valuable ways.  (did you know the entire event is run by local volunteers from our community?)

Relay fits our desire as a church to serve others “no strings attached”.  (that’s why we provide all food and equipment free of charge…and don’t ask for outside sponsorship. This not only benefits people at the event, but also allows the Relay to raise more money by not having to pay out for these expenses.)

Relay fits our mission statement of Loving God, Loving People, and taking action!  (I’m inspired every year by the great volunteers we get the opportunity to serve with at the event.  They are people affected by cancer in their families who refuse to sit back and wait for a someone else to act!)

So, please mark your calendar…sync your devices…call your assistant…whatever.  DECIDE NOW to be at York School of Technology sometime during the 24 hour event June 22-23rd.  Everyone is needed to make this possible…and everyone who participates will be very glad that they chose to serve!

Here’s some pictures from last years event:  (click here)


2 thoughts on “Relay for Life 2012

  1. Action church is truly a blessing!! I am in awe of your generosity and faith. May God bless all of you for the good you do in this world and for Relay!!!

  2. So glad we get to be part of Relay each year, Stephanie! Everyone who serves is changed by it! Every year. Every time!