Stuff we are working on

The average week at actionchurch is kind of like watching a duck swim:  It looks peaceful and calm…but the duck is paddling like crazy under the water.   Here’s a little peek into some of the stuff happening “under the water” at actionchurch.

Mothers Day-  coming up in just two weeks. (4/13)  We’ve got a special gift for the women of actionchurch…and we’re finalizing plans for a great Mothers Day service!

2012 T-shirt Line:  The new line of actionchurch t-shirts is less than a week from going to print.  We’ve got a special tee for the ladies, two really exciting designs that fit everyone, and kids tees coming as well.  All proceeds from the sale of the shirts help fund our York Relay for Life efforts, and our t-shirts are a surprisingly common way that people find out about actionchurch.  I’m so excited about the new wearables we may have to do a runway show… :-)

Summer actiongroups: Summer is going to be huge for actiongroups. We’ve got new outdoorsy groups such as hiking and mountain biking in the works, as well as other summer opportunities to jump into a group.  If you have not yet found a group…this summer will be a great time to change that.

Truck/Shed/Billboard?: Maybe you’ve noticed that the ugly green actionchurch truck has been repainted and is now the ugly black truck.  Not for long.  Soon our faithful gear hauler/ storage shed will be transformed with graphics pointing people to actionchurch on Sunday Mornings.  We’ve dreamed of an actionchurch billboard for years.  I’m super excited that soon we will own one…a billboard that can haul tons of heavy equipment…and let people know about actionchurch wherever it goes!

Fathers Day:  Fathers Day is just over a month away…and we’re already at work on a father-tastic day…and an awesome gift for all the men of actionchurch.

actionkidz:  The fastest growing area (and the best!) of actionchurch is our kids area.  As Kylie shared with us Sunday…they are working hard to grow staffing and equipment needed to make actionkidz even better.  (Every sunday morning our actionkidz crew sets up and staffs TWO theaters and a party room!)

York Relay for Life:  (June 22-23rd)  Relay for life may be 6+ weeks away…but the actionchurch crew is already hard at work planning and preparing for the event.  (You’ll hear more from Kenna very soon)  This year actionchurch will provide and staff a free breakfast for the 500+ attendees of relay.  We will also provide and staff a  Free Shaved Ice stand that generates tons of smiles…and thousands in donations for the American Cancer Society.  We will also provide and staff a free overnight coffee stand that will provide the brew needed to keep walkers walking all night. actionchurch will also provide and staff bounce houses and a children’s area for the event…while teams of our walkers stay on the track to raise money for the event.  We’re already keeping our UPS driver busy with equipment shipments  (the shaved ice equipment came in yesterday)…and I’m praying for 100+ actionchurch volunteers for the event.  Stay tuned!

ETC… There’s actually so much more going on in our sound/music area and we are launching a brand new sermon series on Sunday!   The other great part of actionchurch is that there are also many other amazing things we are working on as a church that I am completely unaware of…  I just thought I’d give you a little peek at what is on my radar “under the water” at actionchurch.

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4 thoughts on “Stuff we are working on

    • I guess…if you are really sure you want to start helping ou around here. :-)

  1. YES, YES, YES! I’m so excited, I’m dancing around my apartment in anticipation of it ALL. Actiongroups, Relay for Life, Parental Appreciation Days, AND New T-Shirts!!! Can’t even handle this right now, better go express my excitement by telling EVERYONE I KNOW!

  2. YAY Action Church! I want to get my ladie’s Action Group started this summer, I just need a venue…. {my house is just a rancher} :) Can’t wait for new tee’s and Relay… <3 our church!