You’re doing great, but…

That’s me with my Bible and a giant picture of a lace-covered-wedding-money-bag. (If you want to find out what that was all about you’ll have to check out the podcast)    I’ve grown to love the Bible.  I get to talk about it to the actionchurch crowd each Sunday.  I spend much of my week thinking about how what the Bible says applies to our lives today.


I got an email this morning from my Bible…actually from my YOUversion Bible app on my iPhone.  It seems that I’ve gone a few days behind in my reading plan…and my Bible app knows…

“You’ve been doing great keeping up with your Robert Roberts plan.  It looks like there have only been a few days you didn’t get a chance to complete.  Here’s how you can quickly find them and get all caught up:”

I’m going to do that.  I needed that reminder.  Me, the guy up front talking about the Bible every Sunday, needs to catch up on his Bible reading plan.  And full disclosure here…I’m not actually “reading” through the Bible this year…all I have to do is insert earbuds into my iPhone and LISTEN to the guy with the awesome accent READ it to me. :-)  I just needed a reminder to catch up.

I actually love the way the people at YOUversion crafted their reminder:  “You’re doing great, but…”   No judgement.  No threats to post your name on Facebook if you don’t get back to work reading through Leviticus.  Just a friendly reminder that I was falling behind.

I needed that.

Do you ever need a “You’re doing great, but…” reminder about reading your Bible?

Do you ever need a “You’re doing great, but…” reminder about anything else in life?

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