Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-11-06

  • Opportunity does not equal obligation. One of the most freeing things I've heard. #
  • a/c folks: Your neighbors are going to come to your house tonight or tomorrow. What a great opportunity! Be GENEROUS and FRIENDLY! #
  • Somehow I think the weather may make this the best year ever for our annual hot chocolate/cider giveaway for Halloween! #snoctober #
  • “The more grateful you are the happier you are. Grateful and unhappy can't coexist." @DaveRamsey //yup! Heard that somewhere last month.:-) #
  • I can barely spell it, but I learned something big from my daughters Tae Kwon Do lesson last night: #

  • "Making a turkey florentine meatloaf for @actionchurch friends jackie and rich. Hope u heal quickly"! – @MrsNoldon // @actiongroups rock!! #
  • This week last year we were prepping for our last service at club 19 (with no place to meet after that). So grateful: #
  • “@JackiSmith2:-I've been coming for a year now! I'm so thankful I get to play with sound equipment every week with a great team!” //agreed! #
  • Don't forget, the actionchurch bonfire is ON for this Saturday. Details here: #

  • Great news: You can get an extra hour of sleep on Saturday night and still not miss the first week of "Determined"! #

  • I hate when I reply immediately to a text message…and then remember to push "send" 4 hours later… :-) #
  • Jesus said to "do good works so that others would see them & honor our father in heaven". If others give US the credit-it is wasted effort. #
  • Wow, looks like a great day for the actionchurch bonfire. 3pm TODAY. Details: #

  • "… he (God) is kind to the ungrateful and wicked". -Jesus. (Luke 6:35b).

    //so thankful personally that that is true! #

  • Just like the bathroom scale shows what I've put in my stomach this week…my attitude reflects what I've put in my mind. #
  • Don't forget, turn your clocks back one hour tonight. Enjoy the extra hour of sleep…and we'll see you tomorrow at 10:30! #fb #
  • The 23oz porterhouse at Logan's should come with a pillow the nap you need afterward… :-) #

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