Sunday @ actionchurch

We are surrounded by a culture of quitting.  Quitting jobs. Quitting looking for jobs.  Quitting Marriages.  Quitting Diets.  Quitting Budgets.  Quitting Smoking.  Quitting-quitting smoking.  For many all-too-logical reasons, it’s a difficult time to stick with anything to it’s completion.

This Sunday we are going to begin a new sermon series called “Determined”.  We’re going to spend the month of November discussing the story of one woman in scripture whose simple determination earned her a place in scripture…and history.   Whether you’re a person who quits often…someone just barely hanging on in a situation you want to quit…or someone who wishes they they knew how to quit instead of dealing with the pain of hanging on…this series is for you!

The guys from The Burning State will be our musical guest, and actionkidz is geared up for a great month of learning and fun for your kids!


DON’T FORGET:  This is the “fall back week-end” of Daylight Savings time!  Set your clocks back one hour on Saturday night…and enjoy the very best extra-hour-of-sleep-Sunday at actionchurch!


It all starts 10:30 am at Frank Theaters Queensgate (Directions).  Come earlier to enjoy free coffee, free Maple Donuts, and a great opportunity to hang with actionchurch folks.


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