Thank You

Just a quick thank you to EVERYONE who has been investing their money in actionchurch each week.  It probably is no surprise to anyone that in a struggling economy, more people than ever need help.  The Non-profit orgs that we partner with, need more financial support as other donors have to cut back.  In the past few months we have seen more need for financial assistance inside our church than ever before.  In the past month, after every service I have met someone who asked for food. (When that happens we are prepared with gift certificates for the Weis next door)

Here’s the great news.  Because of those of you who faithfully give to actionchurch, we’ve been able to meet all those needs and actually increase our support of other great organizations.  We’ve been able to INCREASE our giving as a church (and still pay the rent) :-)   in the middle of very tough economic times!  I just wanted to let you know that you were making a difference.  Thank You!

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