Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-10-02

  • We've had such a great week relaxing on vacation…made even better due to the great morning actionchurch had back home! #yayGod #yaycrew ! #
  • Listening to @ivjamesm do a great job laying out the vision 4 the upcoming @actiongroups on the podcast! You can too: #
  • "Jesus didn't say to his disciples, 'Hey, we've got twelve dudes-let's just hang out and play hacky-sac'"- @ivjamesm //thankful that's true! #
  • Sorry. Busted link on the podcast. Go here: #
  • Ok. Just finished responding to all the emails and phone calls that I missed last week. If I missed you…let me know. Or not. :-) #
  • After five days of vacation I still had paint under my nails. What "sticky" habits do you have? #
  • Hope~ Constant &Enduring…. Via @SprinklesInLife //read it and join the prayer. Beautiful. #
  • Cars too fast…too low…too clean to drive on the highway. #firstworldproblems

    cc @tnoldon @Dkemrer :-) #

  • We're starting a brand new series Sunday called #firstworldproblems You can get started here: #
  • “@Y_U_NOOO: JESUS, Y U NO GRANT MY WISHES? U NO GENIE?”. //via @MichaelFerrari Umm. Isn't that the problem w/ "name it claim it" prayers? #
  • It's been a "catch-up-after-vacation" kind of week…but I've only got one more twnhouse to paint and then it's "pancakes-for-dinner" nite! #
  • I've come to know that whenever a Sunday isn't working out the way I planned…it turns out better than I expected…don't miss tomorrow! #

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