Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-08-28

  • If it keeps raining ONLY during the load-out after church I'm going to start taking it personally. :-). Thanks actionchurch crew! #
  • Just wrote an email with the subject line "thanks for the cowboy rub". A perfect ending to a great Sunday.:-)
    #checkyourspicerack #
  • Watching my daughter's Tae Kwan Do class makes me think that church should be like that: learn from instruction+practice+watching others… #
  • It's time to view our politics through the filter of our faith… Instead of our faith through the filter of our politics.

    -Andy Stanley #

  • How's your connection with your creator? Any chance you need to shut down–reboot–reconnect through prayer? #

  • Missed the earthquake. Maybe they'll replay it later? #
  • I'm glad The Adjustment Bureau is the last movie I'll have to scan over and over this year for the sermon clips-but it's gonna be worth it! #
  • Got a cog to show off? Love this new album on Facebook: #

  • Being "witnessed to" on the jobsite by super loud Christian radio preaching. I wonder if that works for ANYONE? :-) #stopyellingstartloving #
  • Anyone in the twitterverse know how to track a lost/stolen iPhone 3GS without any tracking apps installed? (not mine) #
  • …So hurricane Irene is bringing rain for Sunday set-up and load-out. Fortunately we've been practicing for weeks. :-) #
  • This Sunday is the final week of the "At the Movies" series at actionchurch. yes, we do have church when it rains:-). #
  • I know it's IRene…but that doesn't keep me from having that terrible 80's song about EiLeen by Dexys Midnight Runner stuck in my head :-) #
  • Instead of watching the same hurricane coverage tomorrow while it rains…call a friend… and let's PACK actionchurch tomorrow. #worth it #
  • Gonna run a NASA-style preflight diagnostic on my TiVo to make sure I don't miss any Bristol "night racin'" while I'm out tonight:-) #
  • Survived hurricane Irene. :-). Is it possible that the rain might even let up before load-out after actionchurch? Let's find out! #
  • Had to drive across some wet leaves to pick up the donuts. Good thing I have a giant 4WD. :-). #Irene #
  • Calling out closer is sound checking… Worth braving the slight dampness to be part of actionchurch today! #

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