Sunday @ actionchurch

Sunday is the final week of this summers “At the Movies” series,  and I am certain we have saved the best for last!  This week we’ll feature “The Adjustment Bureau” and take on such difficult and important questions as:   Was I born with my destiny already determined?   Do we have free will, or is my life actually planned and pre-determined by God?   Does “Chance” or “Coincidences” actually play a role in our lives? We’ll even ask the all important question that has baffled scholars for ages:  Why do so many Matt Damon movies involve him running while holding the hand of beautiful woman he just met? :-)

Rain or shine, you will NOT want to miss this Sunday at actionchurch.   This week will also mark the return of our friends from Calling out Closer who will be our musical guest, and actionkidz will be learning more about what the Bible teaches us about friendship as they continue their series “Entourage”.

The service starts at 10:30 am at Frank Theaters Queensgate. (Directions)   No ticket necessary, no lines, and unlike movie concession stand snacks, the coffee, Maple donuts, and bagels are all FREE!  Come early, grab breakfast, and spend Sunday morning “At the movies” with us.

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