Sunday @ actionchurch

I’ll admit it.  I’m that guy.  The guy that puts off updating my apps and programs.  It always seems that when an update reminder pops up on my iPhone or PC, I’m in too much of a rush to respond.  I ignore the updates until I desperately need them, and then always regret not updating sooner when I realize how much better the updated version is. 

 I hope you won’t be “that guy” during the month of May.  I hope you won’t miss a single “update” from the book of Philippians.  Thousands of years ago, the Apostle Paul wrote letters back to the churches he had started earlier.  In the letters, he included “updates” for all the followers of Jesus who would gather to read his letters.  Those updates are still absolutely practical, useful, and powerful today!  The download starts this Sunday.

SOOOOOO much other stuff going on Sunday.   actionchurch T-shirts go on Sale with all proceeds going to support the York Relay for Life.  We have an announcement about Mothers Day you won’t want to miss, and Darry Miller and the Veil will be providing the tunes.   Your children will NOT want to miss actionkidz…so don’t forget to put them in the car.

The service starts at 10:30 am. No need to dress up…just wake up and join us at Frank theaters (Directions) early to enjoy coffee, Maple Donuts, and a chance to hang with actionchurch folks.

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