Hello All, it is James the actiongroups guy. I wanted to use the first actiongroups post to tell everyone a little bit about why I am so passionate about small groups.

For starters, if it wasn’t for a small group I likely wouldn’t know Christ as my Savior today. I did not come to faith because of a powerful sermon or song. I came to faith because people in a small group lived out their faith in Christ. They built relationships with me, served me, prayed with and for me. What happens in a small group setting can impact someone’s eternity. I am proof of that.

Another reason I am passionate about small groups is because Jesus was passionate about small groups. Christ modeled small groups by forming the first small group, the disciples. Christ did not just “do church” with the disciples and others one day a week. Jesus did LIFE with the disciples. They prayed together, ate together, served together every day. We should not use excuses about time and commitments to avoid small groups, because despite knowing His time was short, Christ was passionate about His small group. He then sent the disciples out as small groups to teach and heal. I believe strongly that if Jesus thought small groups were important so should we.

I look forward to many more actiongroups posts and keeping everyone up to date on the exciting things that are to come. Thanks!

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