Upside Down Town

“Come with us to a very strange town, a place where people live their lives upside down. Now that doesn’t mean the people stand on their heads or that you’d climb to the ceiling to get into your bed.  It’s the choices they make we call “upside down”.  And some of their choices are the strangest around.”

That’s a quick preview of the eight week series that actionkidz started teaching last week.  I suggested that for this series they remove all the theater seats and re-attach them to the ceiling each week.  (Fortunately they don’t listen to me.) 

In spite of being slightly hurt that my suggestion was ignored, I am so glad that our kids are learning the “upside down” teachings of Jesus in actionkidz.   Jesus taught that the first would be last…giving is better than receiving…forgiveness is better than revenge…”upside down” ideas all.  The crew members of actionkidz are truly the hardest working and committed people on our team.  Each week they truly make actionkidz the best part of actionchurch.

If you have a child in actionkidz  (or even if you don’t) take the time to stop and thank and actionkidz crew member for loving kids and turning the idea of Sunday morning at the movies completely upside down!

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