I’m so thankful for what God chose to do at actionchurch yesterday.  We began the day so excited to baptize five people.  Of course the “baptismal” horse trough sprang a leak. Of course some one (ME!) forgot to think about a rug for people to step out of the tank onto…so we ended up with MANY gallons of water on the club floor to clean up. :-)  Oops!  Things got messy, things didn’t go as planned…I could NOT be happier about that.

The amazing thing is that by the end of they service 11 folks decided to go public with their intentions to follow Jesus Christ…to make him the Lord and Savior of their life.  THAT is the reason we do actionchurch each week!!!  There is nothing better, nothing more important.

To everyone who chose to be Baptised yesterday, do not doubt for a moment that something very powerful happened yesterday as you came out of the water.  Yes, you got baptised in a horse trough…in a nightclub…by a couple of knuckleheads named Don and Bill.  Here’s the deal though,  yesterday YOU aligned yourself with the all-powerful creator of the universe.  You publicly declared that you accepted Jesus’ death and resurrection as payment for your sins.  You publicly told everyone that with God’s help you would live your life in the way that Christ intended.  Everything is new for you. God calls you his son/daughter.  Angels in heaven celebrated. Satan is Angry.  Don’t forget that for an instant.

Thanks to all of you who give your lives to make actionchurch a place where folks can openly declare that they are followers of Jesus…a place where we can (together) continue to grow and progress as we follow Christ together.

Special thanks to the guys from the Great Transparency.  They drove all night from a show in Maine to be at actionchurch.  The morning would not have been the same without them.  Great band with great hearts and attitudes.

One thought on “Baptisms…

  1. Don, you have been talking about the fact that God makes our problems – his problems. He cares, and is looking out for his believers. He also shares in our joys, and when the eleven people were being baptized, I am sure there were tears in his eyes. There are times when I feel God’s presence more strongly than other times. This past Sunday, I felt his presence very strongly as an enormous sense of joy had over taken me. Our omnipresent God, was sitting amongst us Sunday morning, really digging what he was experiencing with us. What an experience!