Did anyone else walk out the door yesterday morning and just sort of pause and enjoy that it was NOT one hundred and thirty five degrees?   It wasn’t just cooler yesterday…for some inexplicable reason it felt sort of “fall-ish”. 

 I love Fall.  It’s my favorite season.  I’m a guy who sweats constantly, (enjoy that beautiful mental picture) so I love the cooler temperatures.  I actually look forward to winter every year also.  I forget what a serious pain snow removal is and I always look forward to the first snow.  Winter makes me wish for spring.  Who doesn’t want spring to come when it’s freezing all the time and there are six foot snow drifts everywhere?  Of course spring makes me look forward to summer…

I am so glad that God is a creator of seasons…that just when Summer becomes unbearable, Fall is on the way.  Every year.  Without fail.  Seasons change.

Whatever “season” you are in life…whether it’s a harvest season, a growing season,  an agonizingly painful “winter” season…no matter how “stuck” you feel in your current situation-change is coming.  God is a God who changes the seasons.  Without Fail.

 21 He changes times and seasons;
       he sets up kings and deposes them.
       He gives wisdom to the wise
       and knowledge to the discerning. 

 Daniel 2:21

Photo-Garrett Snyder

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