Sunday @ actionchurch

This Sunday we’ll continue the “@ the movies” series with a “common”  story of a post apocalyptic-cat eating-cannibal fighting-machete wielding-gunfighter who just happens to own the last Bible on earth.  Yeah, I’m talking about “The Book of Eli.”

If you’re worried that Sunday may be too intense or disturbing because of the subject matter…rest assured that this week will be NO MORE intense or disturbing than any other week at actionchurch.  :-)  Oh wait, maybe that didn’t help.  Let me just say this…My “seventy-something , retired Baptist Minister parents” are visiting from Missouri this week.  I have no desire to give them a heart attack on Sunday Morning.  We’ll only be showing  clips from the movie that are safe for family viewing, while still telling what I think is an amazingly insightful story.   (Think of our edited version of “The Book of Eli”  as Boneless Chicken wings…still really great to eat…but a lot less “messy”.  :-))  Whether you’ve seen the movie “The Book of Eli”  (caution it is Rated-R) or not,  I know that you will walk away from Sunday with an entirely new perspective on what it actually means to have “God’s Word” in our World!

DO NOT BE LATE SUNDAY!  The guys from “The Burning State” are back this week!  Their first Song at 11am will be as “epic” and “summer blockbustery” as ANY song you have heard covered at actionchurch :-)  

See ya Sunday at Club 19!  (directions)

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