For we Walk by Faith, Not by Sight.

Ed. Note:  Our movie selection for Sunday “@ the Movies” is The Book of Eli.  I love these thoughts that Garrett (Stage Manager/Photography Ninja at actionchurch) shared on his blog.   Great Stuff!

“For we walk by faith, not by sight”.   2 Corinthians 5:7

I came across this today in my readings and then it popped up again on a iPhone application I have, so I thought it would be suitable to write about tonight

This is such a tough lesson portrayed in the bible. God wants all our trust to be invested into him, to lead us and to guide our way.

We as a human race are emotional//hateful//loving//dominative. We must control everything, but in reality we control nothing, God lets us decide. If he wanted to stop the entire world from breathing, he would, if he wanted to take away our sight, he would, but he doesn’t. He wants only the finest in heaven along his side. He wants his children who carry his gospel here and far, who wont stray from a path he set before them.

People say we have a “destiny”, I have a hard time believing in that. Every time I’m given a path they’re always two choices. Every time I’m confronted with a issue theres always two choices. Before I’d act on a selfish idea or decision or act on my own faith rather then trusting in God to lead me toward the right doorway.


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