Sunday @ actionchurch: Mercy Vs. Justice

This Sunday at actionchurch we’ll put the epic battle between the concepts of Mercy and Justice in the spotlight.   Religion offers “True or False” answers to life’s multiple choice questions.  It’s one thing to “believe in” Justice on Sunday.  It’s easy to affirm Mercy during church.  The difficulty comes Sunday afternoon through Saturday evening when Justice and Mercy collide and conflict in seemingly “unsolvable” ways. 

Live polling will be back so you can join in the discussion Sunday.  By texting simple keywords (sort of like voting for American Idol without the annoying “Seacrest factor”) you’ll be able to register your opinion in Sundays epic “Justice Vs Mercy” face off.

Sunday we’ll also be giving the final details about Relay for Life next week…and celebrating meeting our goal of providing a celebration (Survivor Banquet) for 550 York area cancer Survivors/caretakers! 

The Historic will be cranking out the folk/rock jams…including a SOUNDGARDEN cover :-) and actionkidz will be THE PLACE your kidz will want to be on Sunday.

See ya at Club 19,  (directions)  @ 11am.

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