Stuff I love about Church

I love a church that gives out Bibles and Earplugs.

actionchurch may have started out as a place tagged as “a church for people who don’t like church”, but it occured to me Sunday, that we are becoming a place where an ever increasing number of people (including me!) really love church.  Here’s a few things that I love about Sunday mornings at actionchurch.

I love being able to be part of a church that is interactive, where I get to ask the crowd dumb questions like “Is it ok to taser Grandma?” :-), but I can also talk about hard concepts like Justice and Mercy…and Hypocricy.

I love a church that asks folks to turn their Cell phones ON before the service.

I love being being part of a church where my “Sunday Tools” are a Bible, a computer remote, some water, and a flamed stool. 


I love being part of a church where the people are generous with their time and money, not only for their church…but their community.  This week at Relay for Life, actionchurch folks will provide and serve a Survivor Banquet for 550 cancer survivors and caretakers, provide two free inflatable “bouncy houses” for kids, provide great music for the crowd via Jerry’s Doozees band, run a free snow cone stand during the relay…and oh yeah…walk for 24 hours straight!

I love a church that has great music…of all kinds.  A place where Rusty Cage by Soundgarden can show up in the same set as Amazing Grace…Like The Historic played Sunday.

I love a church that cares so very much that kidz encounter Jesus in a relevant and exciting way!

Speaking of  actionkidz, I love the stories I hear on Sunday Morning before and after the service.  This week, these three (formerly long-haired) brothers decided to cut their hair and donate it to Locks of Love so other children going through Chemo could have wigs made.  They also raised $160 for Relay for Life in the process.  Yeah, I teared up a little…too.

Thanks so much to all of you who work so hard to make actionchurch a place where people can “love church”.

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