The next actionchurch venue

I am so thankful for the time actionchurch has spent meeting at Club 19.  The owner has been great to work with, and has actually helped us learn a LOT about how actionchurch on Sunday mornings should “look” and sound.  We are currently looking for a new venue.  We are out of space, and renovations at Club 19 are scheduled to begin in late summer/early fall.  In faith we are planning to relaunch at our new venue in September.  We have not yet found “the place” yet, so I thought I would put out some of the important things we are looking for in a new venue.  Here’s our wish list.

SPACE-  We need at least three times the current space we have for our childrens area.  In the main “club-atorium” we also need LOTS of open space (high ceilings also) to continue using assorted chairs, tables, couches, etc.  The most “efficient” use of space in an auditorium is rows of chairs…but we do not want to turn Sunday mornings into a “lecture” environment.  We need 8-10,000 square feet.

LOCATION-  As a church we have always looked for a “facility” instead of a location.  Because we have needed to rent a club that already had a sound and lighting equipment we have been limited in our choices.  In this move a location which is easily accessible and visible will be important. 

“Fit”-  It is going to be very tempting as we look for a new venue to compromise on how well it “fits” us as a church.  Lots of venues will present themselves that have great price, location, etc…but don’t allow us to continue to be the “beautiful mess” of a church we have become.  No matter how difficult we have to remember that you never buy a great shoe and then “cut off your toes” to fit in.  Our new venue may take some remodeling…but if it doesn’t “fit” we’re going to have to pass…

…oh yeah, and we’re going to need an really amazing lease rate.  Because as of now we really can’t “afford” any of those things.  :-)  I challenge you to pray, keep your eyes open, and keep your work gloves handy…the next 90 days are going to be intense!

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