Sunday in Pictures

Yesterday was Hope Sunday at actionchurch.  I love the tradition of taking one Sunday a year and totally devoting it to praying for our friends and family members who struggle with cancer, and then rallying together to “take action” by serving at York’s Relay for Life.  On one hand, Hope Sunday is a total departure from the way we do Sunday mornings at actionchurch.  On the other hand, I think it is a perfect representation of WHY we do Sunday mornings at actionchurch.  We gather, we pray…but we also couple our prayers with action!

 This year the Allstars were back on stage as they were at the very first Hope Sunday when we met at Fat Daddy’s Nightclub.  I love hearing Lynn, Steve and Jerry do what they do!   Thanks so much!

This year my Guest was Kenna Schaller.  Kenna has a powerful story of the affects of cancer on their family…she was transparent…and shared some truly practical insights on how we can actually help and serve those with cancer and their caretakers.  I heard a lot of great feedback about Kenna’s talk…and I feel like we now know more about how to serve others with cancer.  Thanks for sharing, Kenna, and thanks for finishing my sentences during the interview like my wife does :-)

Josiah and the creative team knocked it out of the park Sunday.  Taking a compelling story and linking it to powerful images is time consuming, at times frustrating, but SO worth it when it comes together.    Thanks also to Garrett for the great Photos on the screens…and in this post.

Thanks Austin for the “LightsCamerAction” ARTwork that we will by using this entire Relay season. 

The “Worlds greatest spokesman in the world”  showed up to help out.

Thanks to everyone who signed up to be part of our Relay for Life efforts.  We’ll keep the sign up table out through June 13th, so everyone can be part of the action.   We are getting ever closer to our Goal of sponsoring the Survivor Banquet at Relay.  The actionkidz alone have raised over $250…and we are nearing $1900 as a church! 

As I said Sunday, the reason that we put such emphasis on EVERYONE at actionchurch being a part of relay is because we know from experience that everyone who participates will be changed by their service.  Do not miss it…

…and Oh yeah, the Relay is June 18th and 19th at York School of Technology.  In all my “worlds greatest spokesman” promotion…I sort of forgot to mention that.  :-)

One thought on “Sunday in Pictures

  1. The relay runs from 2 p.m to 2 p.m. (That was what was on my info)- I particulary like the overnight walking shift – you can hear everyone snoring in their tents, you can talk to God in the still quiet and you get to witness the most glorious sunrise – very cool!