Sunday Recap: Really!?! God (Finale)

Today we finished up the “Really!?! God” series by talking about the story in John 11about the death of Lazarus.  When ever our prayers aren’t answered we often ask three questions: Does God Know? Does God Care? and Does God have the power to actually change my situation?  We all assume that if the answer is “yes to all of the above” our prayers would be answered.  The story of the death and resurrection of Lazarus suggest that even when all of those questions can be answered YES, God still sometimes chooses to delay or deny our requests.  Jesus absolutely KNEW that his friend Lazarus was ill.  Jesus obviously CARED…the only recorded instance of him shedding tears are found in this story.  Jesus had the POWER to heal…but still Lazarus was allowed to die.  The miracle of Lazarus being called back to life by Jesus only occurred after Mary and Martha had the the Faith to allow Jesus to roll back the stone from the grave of their dead brother…”even though by now he stinks”.   After we have given up on hope on a situation…even after it is “impossible”…after the situation “stinks”…Jesus still has the power to work miracles if we have the faith to allow him access.

FIFTY ONE!!! coats donated for the students of York City Elementary school today!  Thank you actionchurch!  You are all truly putting the your faith into action…one formerly “cold kid” at a time.

The Historic on stage today.  Really talented and interesting bunch of Guys.  Just thinking back over the last few weeks of actionchurch we have had bands that played rock, metal, screamo-pop, and country roots alternative folk (amish rock?)… We are really blessed to hear so many great bands each week.   Here’s a “bonus video” of the guys from the historic shot by Noah Stoner (who also shot the new…soon to be “world premiered”…actionchurch promo video )

Hard to believe there are only four more Sundays for church this year…we are seriously going to make the most of them!  Don’t forget to invite your friends and family to the kick off of the new Re-Gift series.  The words of Christmas may have become cliche…but the truths behind them have never been more important.

No Garrett photography today :(   He was out of town so there was also no ’80s metal during setup…no threats to “punch Josiah in the throat”…and no football style (but still disturbing) butt smacking before the service begins  :-)  

I’m really excited about what actionkidz has planned for next month.  Can anyone possibly bring a refrigerator box to church next week.  You could get one by buying a refrigerator…throwing it away…and bringing us the box.

I just realized that I spelled Lazarus three (3!!!) different ways in the same paragraph.  Thank you spell check. 

If you have a chance, let Steve at Club 19 know if you appreciate the fact we are still meeting at his Club.  Next week would have been our last week…  I am so thankful that instead of moving before Christmas we are instead able to concentrate on serving our community!!!

Thanks to everyone who invite, invest, and get involved in all of the actionchurch reigndeer games!

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