Does God care about…?


One of the most exciting things about being part of actionchurch is seeing good done to others in our community because of your Generosity.   In just the last few weeks we have been gather coats for York elementary students,(from what I hear this Sunday is going to be a tsunami of coats!)  we were able to bless a struggling family with a $100 gift card, and we are sending off $300 for the York Rescue mission’s Thanksgiving Meal.  I love to see our faith put in action like that.  (It also makes me REALLY thankful that Club 19 has allowed us to stay on…their kindness makes all this possible!)

One of the WORST things about being part of actionchurch is the things that we cannot do…the legitimate needs that we cannot presently meet.  Nothing is more heartbreaking than realizing that there will ALWAYS be more “things we should do” than “things we can do”.  Even as we grow…even as we continuously take on bigger and bigger “impossible” needs  (like gather 500 coats :-)  ) there will always be needs that don’t get met.  There will always be “good” requests that don’t get granted.

This Sunday we will be talking about three questions that all of us have when we come to God with our needs.

1. Does God know?

2. Does God Care?

3.  Can God actually do anything about my situation?

Thankfully, God is limitless.  There are never more “things he should do” than “things he can do”.  God is all powerful.  He never runs out of resources.  He created and owns it all.  

The question is…Then why aren’t all of our prayers answered?  Why aren’t all of our requests granted?

Sunday we’ll be taking on those ultimate “Really God!?!” moments…

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