Four Guaranteed Ways – Quit – Sermon Recap

Don asked me (Josiah) to blog as he is fighting off a nasty fever and other unpleasantries. The video above was basically the finale to our Four Guaranteed Ways to Ruin your Life and Lose Everything series. It summed up the past three weeks and even gave the last way for you to ruin your life – Quit! Give Up. Stop Trying. On a more personal note, this is by far my favorite way to ruin my life. When things are getting too tough, or aren’t going the way I want them to, I like to make things worse by just quitting. Not a good selling point, especially since I am trying to find a job, but it is something that I have to be on the guard for at all times. Watch the video. Take notes, and learn four guaranteed ways to ruin your life and lose everything!

If you missed actionchurch this week, you missed the first ever action:town hall meeting. Don acted the part of Senator, and we all just yelled or texted angrily at him. (Not really. The overall mood of the place was actually quite exciting!) I will be posting the podcast shortly so that you can listen to the full version, not the condensed, annotated, misquoted Josiah version.

We (not including Don or I for obvious reasons such as our lack of negotiating skills) have been working on our lease renewal with Club19 for a couple weeks. Club19 is going in a different direction and has asked us to find another place to rent. We had been planning on continuing with our lease extension, but obviously that will not be happening now. Our lease technically runs out October 11th, and they have given us 8 additional weeks to find a new place. This will also come with a higher price tag. That is the general news. Listen to the podcast, things will be much clearer on there.

Tomorrow (or today for most of you) I will be posting things that you can do to help out with this process. There will be opportunities to share your ideas, follow actionchurch on twitter for instant updates, learn more about what we can do as a church and what we are looking for in a building, and as always: Invite, Invest & get Involved. These things will end up on the home page, so be looking for them.

Thank you so much to the crew who keep actionchurch running. Thank you to Tyler Noldon for stepping up to take Ryan’s spot back in the tech pit. Thank you to the awesome people back in actionkidz making me jealous of things they get to do. And thank you to everyone who came today, or who has ever come to actionchurch for seeing why a place like this NEEDS to exist and making it happen.

More to come tomorrow!

3 thoughts on “Four Guaranteed Ways – Quit – Sermon Recap

  1. Thanks for everything, Josiah!

    I just wanted to say that the video shown yesterday was awesome. Very creative, indeed.

    On the surface having to relocate may seem like a bummer but it is actually exciting and faith building. It means we are going places!


  2. Thanks..and thanks big time to Josiah and the whole actionchurch crew. I was feeling really bad physically but I left feeling so encouraged at what you all have become in just 18 months. God definitely has a lot more in store for a church that has a crew and a crowd like actionchurch. I’m so happy to be on the same team as all of you.