Rolling the "dice"

Something that I have found interesting over the last couple of months while studying about King Saul and David in 1 Samuel for our “4 Guaranteed ways” series, is how they determined what God wanted.  In those days the correct way to ask God what his “will” was for a particular problem was to consult a priest who would determine the answer by using the urim and thummim (sacred “dice”).  Basically the priest would ask the question in prayer “Should we go to war”, or “Should we move to a new area” , or “Should we trade the royal camels in for a 1976 Pontiac Bonneville” and then toss the urim and thummim in a “holy crap shoot” for the answer.

I can’t imagine “rolling the dice” to get the answer for a life altering question, and I’m certainly not suggesting that we get our life answers from a magic eight ball or a craps table.   The whole “urim and thummim” thing makes me wonder though,  if perhaps as followers of Jesus today we are asking for too much “certainty” in our direction from God?  Why do we expect God to give us a written itinerary for our every move when the early followers of God were willing to go to war based on the “roll of the dice”?  Shouldn’t we still be willing to (figuratively) “roll the dice” and set out praying as we go that God will guide us? 

I’m not certain there is a “right” way to hear God’s plan.  I’m certain that the RIGHT thing is to LISTEN for God’s plan. (When I haven’t it has certainly ended in disaster in my life!)   I must admit though, that  I am becoming more and more willing when I feel the “nudge” of God to move first…”roll the dice”… instead of waiting for “certainty”…

How do you “hear from God” about what he wants you to do?

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