Sunday Recap: "No Doubt" edition.


Had a great time talking about doubt this Sunday at actionchurch.  Everyone deals with doubt.  No one has seen God.  We all deal with injustice, disappointments, and the hypocrisy of other christians.  It makes us wonder sometime if the whole “God thing” is real.  If he “knows what he’s doing”.   ‘Makes us wonder if scripture is actually true.  

In Mark 9 the man with a demon possessed son had been dissapointed by the disciples who were not able to help him.  He was no doubt angered by the religious leaders who only wished to point their fingers at the disciples failure instead of helping him…  When Jesus asked if he “believed” he said these words that still apply to our lives today.  “I believe, help me with my doubts!”   We all doubt…there is no “cure”.  To be a follower of Jesus and recieve healing from him we must act in faith…in spite of our doubts.  “Faith is the distance between our doing and our doubting.”

Here’s some of the samples from the “no doubt” graphics.  Thanks to Josiah for hand drawing dozens of slides…and stick figures.   (No, this was NOT a “time-saving” idea on his part…it took much more effort than his normal “slick” creations)

The pledge did a great job making the “no doubt?” day rock.  Even started with a no doubt cover…I’ve been singing “I’m just a girl” ever since.  :-)

Told the “behind the scenes” story of giving away the donations last week.  Even when we absolutely “hear God” and do the right thing we still deal with doubts!

Great crowd and great vibe at actionchurch yesterday.  “MO” is up…we have some really great things to look forward to!

Just made some changes in our creative team that I will talk about later in the week.  I think we are assembling the crew that will take a/c to a whole new level as far as our Sunday mornings go!

I was Glad to see so many of you show up for the meeting with Kate about action underground groups.  She had about 3 or 4 times more folks than we had when we started actionchurch.  Seriously.   Big things can come out of small beginnings!

As always thank you Jesus…thank you EVERYONE on the crew…I forget too often that actionchurch is not a “normal” thing to happen! 

Yeah, I admitted it…we are not “normal” :-)  


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