Tomorrow: An Open Discussion of Faith & Doubt

An open discussion of faith and doubt

Yes, you are looking at the branding for our one week series we are doing.  Yes, I will be hand drawing each slide related to the sermon that you see on the screen. Yes, you will like it, and Yes, it will be mind-blowing.

Come on out tomorrow to actionchurch to join in our discussion of faith & doubt.  I (Josiah) will be talking a little about some of my doubts, and Don will be cleaning up the damage that I leave behind.  (Haha, yes that is a joke…)  Everybody doubts. I’m no Bible scholar, but when Jesus was in the garden asking God if he really had to die I wonder if he was doubting just a little bit… I promise you Don won’t be answering things like you always hear, and there probably won’t really be any total answers…   (That’s kinda what doubt is, not having answers…)  The Pledge is back on stage this week, ready to rock some new songs for you and your mom!   And of course, who doesn’t want to see my, “art”?!

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