How can this happen?


One thing that people visiting from other cities ask about actionchurch is “How can this happen in my city?”  I usually smile and say something “preachery” like “it can happen…all you need is a bunch of amateurs who really want to create a place like this to invite their friends to hear about Jesus.”   I apologize.  I have been telling people something that just  isn’t true.  Yes, God is ultimately to be credited with something like actionchurch happening.  There are far too many things that have  “happened” that only God can do.  Without prayer, without God’s blessing, without God’s guidance and protection actionchurch would not last another week.

But you know what?  If your asking “how can something like actionchurch happen in my city?”  The answer is-  It’s never going to “happen”.  Ever.   Sorry to break it to you.

Chairs don’t just set themselves up…they don’t “Happen”.

A nightclub will never just transform itself into a church on Sunday morning…it doesn’t “Happen”.  Hard working folks choose every Sunday to leave their comfy beds to work hard so that others can enjoy the actionchurch experience each week.

Signs don’t get printed and placed by the road early on Sunday morning…it will never “Happen”.

Coffee doesn’t get made by itself, and donuts don’t get purchased and lovingly arranged so that folks can be fed on sunday morning by themselves…it will never “happen”.

Great artwork and moving graphics don’t just “Happen”.  ( in fact I know for a fact that someone spends a lot of late nights/early morning hours working on them.)

Compelling children’s activities and teaching doesn’t ever “Happen”.  It takes a lot of folks that love kids and are willing to sacrifice their time and Sunday mornings to serve them.

While we’re at it…sermons that lead you to a better understanding of God’s plan for living and actually hold your attention don’t “Happen”.   I wish they did.  Instead it takes hours of study and rehearsal to make it seem like you’re “just talking”.

Bands won’t book themselves and sermon series and events will not plan themselves…it will never “Happen.”

And by the way…none of the above stuff will every “Happen” without all the generous folks who freely give their hard earned cash…in a recession…without being coerced or “persuaded”.  None of it could “Happen”.

So how can a something like actionchurch “Happen”in your city?   It won’t-ever.  You can begin to pray, struggle, sweat, act in faith, fail, succeed, get up and try again, deal with the criticism and consequences of “Making it Happen” in your city… or someday actionchurch may just expand to a nightclub or bar near you.   But it will never just “Happen”.

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