Sunday Recap: @ the movies "Marley" edition.


Today was  “Marley day” and week three of actionchurch @ the movies series.   All of us have “Marleys” in our life.  Like Marley in film “Marley and Me” they create messes for us to clean up, destroy stuff, hurt us, and generally “ruin” our day.  All of us have to deal with difficult people… (“Marleys”).  We can ignore them, try to change them, or dump them…but scripture gives us a much different (and better) way to deal with those who “offend” and hurt us.  Colossians 3:13 says “13Make allowance for each other’s faults, and forgive anyone who offends you. Remember, the Lord forgave you, so you must forgive others.”    God forgives us.  We’re all like “Marley”.  We make messes, we destroy stuff, we hurt each other…yet God loves us…forgives us and calls us to him.  Because of his love and forgiveness we need to forgive all the other “Marleys” in our lives!  Go out and love a “Marley” this week!

All the way from Minnesota…Children 18 3 on stage today.  Thanks big time to Matt, Terry, Cody  and all the folks at 315management for their hard work in putting a “label” act on stage at actionchurch.  I think it speaks really highly of the local talent that play each week at ac that the “Children” really rocked…but it was not really much “different” than any other week musically at ac…We are WAY blessed to have great musicians on stage EVERY week!


Meanwhile…back in actionkidz it was “Flip Flop day”.  Some of the most creative teaching that happens each week definitely happens in the actionkidz area.  Thanks to Kari…and the “special shopper” who made something really cool for the kidz happen.

I loved hearing the stories of our crew at purple door festival.  Thanks Garrett, Rachel, and Josiah for making it happen.   Loved the story of Zach taking the time to hang out with someone who was alone.  Thanks to all the actionchurch folks,  bands, friends, and strangers who helped us hand out lots of actionchurch swag! 

We had so much video…and announcements…that I really thought it would be tough to fit it all in.  But instead we ended 5 minutes “early”.  I guess I could have stretched it…but my favorite “old timey preacher saying” is “If you run out of soap-quit rubbing” :-)  Slightly disturbing-but it pretty much sums up my philosophy of preaching.  More information  doesn’t equal more transformation!

Oh yeah…it’s August and the club was packed today.  Guess ac folks haven’t heard that people don’t go to church in the summer.  Thanks Dave for noticing bringing out more chairs for the folks that came in later.

I can’t wait to end the @ the movies series next week with the film “Taken”.  I pray that after next week we can all have a completely new insight into what “God the Father” really means.

Thanks to ALL OF YOU who make actionchurch happen each week.  If your keeping score at home we just reached the 18 month mark.  You know what?  I truly believe the best is yet to come.  We are just BEGINNING to see what is possible when a bunch of “amateurs” decide to boldly put the teachings of Jesus into action!

2 thoughts on “Sunday Recap: @ the movies "Marley" edition.

  1. It definitly was a packed house, im glad rach zach and I went to purpledoor, it made a impact

  2. Yeah you guys rocked it! More people need to know that a place like actionchurch exists- for them! Great job making that happen at Purple Door.