Shaken…or "stirred"?


It was “Bond Monday” on one of the cable channels and I stopped to “graze” for a few minutes on a James Bond movie from 1961.  Two things made me smile. 

1.  EVERYONE smoked.  Even the nurses in the hospital in one scene were smoking…really “funny” to see today.

2.  The whole “shaken not stirred” thing.  Bond was VERY specific about how he wanted his martini prepared…very serious indeed about bartending. 

I don’t know anything about martinis…I don’t have a clue why it matters if one is “shaken or stirred”…but it reminded me that it is VERY important to each of us to be “stirred” folks and NOT “shaken”.

We all have a choice.  We all have to answer the question of whether we will be “shaken or stirred” by adversity…by trouble…by hard times…by tests of our faith.

Will we be “Shaken” in our faith by trouble?  Will difficult times shake our trust in God?  Will hard situations “Stir” our faith into action?  Will we be “Stirred” to move even closer to our creator by adversity?  Hard times bring one or the other…

What kind of person are you?  Shaken or stirred?

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