Sunday Recap: @ the movies


The Burning State are a great band… Loved the Rhianna “Umbrella” cover.  I’ve actually been singing that song ever since Sunday Morning.  It’s always a pleasure to work with the guys.

Thank you Ryan for saving the day and the tech pit!  We “went PC” Sunday and my new Dell did NOT want to cooperate with the projection system.  It looked like we were going to have an “unplugged” at the movies sunday (LAME).  Ryan absolutely made it happen.

Two weeks in a row that I have been drenched by rain before church…looking forward to a dry week  :-)

The new “lounge” area is really starting to shape up.  Looking forward to having a place for parents with small children and families that want a “quieter” environment.  The new space is gonna be cool.

Tough week overall…tough subject…lots of difficulty…I struggled with the sermon…some weeks are like that.  I won’t be “taking a bath with a jellyfish” but it was just one of those weeks  :-)

Thanks everyone for jumping in on teardown.  They had a two oclock show at the club and even though attendance was down this week everyone jumped in and made everything “dissappear” in record time.  We appreciate it.

Looking forward big time to talking about “Horton hears a who” next week!   Should be fun…and a great thought provoking subject.  “The truth is the truth…no matter how strange!”

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