Why not?

question-markThe  phrase “Why not?’  is a lot like the word “Dude!?” (  it can mean just about anything depending on its inflection).   One thing I love about working with the actionchurch crew (particularly Josiah on the creative side) is that we always start with the most positive  rendition of  “Why not?” rather than meeting each new idea with reasons Why NOT to actually attempt them.

When we were searching for a way to communicate that there are things that we can relax about and trust God to take care of -Josiah came across the sermon series from another church called “chill”.  I can’t remember exactly what the website was or I would thank them…but we said “Why not?” use the idea of preaching from a lawn chair to emphasize the point that God is never surprised…God is in control…we can “Chill”.   When Josiah came up with the idea for “Bring your chair to church Sunday” at 3 am at Relay for Life, we said “Why not?”   (I am already on record saying that NO ONE is actually going to move heavy furniture on Sunday morning…and it is the dumbest idea ever  :-)  but on the 19th of July you have the opportunity to prove me wrong).

We don’t necessarily “run with” every idea.  (Thank God for that…we’d probably be arrested if we did)   But our first reaction is “Why not?”.  “Why shouldn’t we try that?”   We don’t spend our time trying to pick apart every idea…find any possible flaw…any possible “danger”…any possible reason that “anyone” might be offended.  Our first instinct is to create, instead of to “tear apart”.

This Sunday we are going to do it again.  We’re gonna start out the sermon in a way we have never attempted.  We said “Why not?” to an idea that will either be “fun” or cause me to have to fake my own death and move to Montana in shame…  You be the judge  :-)  Why not? check out actionchurch this Sunday @ 11 am.

2 thoughts on “Why not?

  1. The chill idea is from Southland Church in Lexington, Kentucky! holla! that’s my kentucky church