Sunday Recap: Chill – Week Two

Erik speaking at actionchurch

We pulled the good old bait and switch at actionchurch today. We had Dr. Erik Brink bring the message today while Don “sat in his tub” and chilled at home. Yes, all of these event are culminating to next week where everybody is going to be chilling in their own chairs at church, and then after that, John Rudy Park. More on that later

Dr. Erik (not to generalize, but three words describe him so far… seminary, missionary, surgeon) spoke of the complex design are bodies contain, and how if there is a design, there is a designer. We can just “chill” because if this designer knows what is going to happen to us throughout our whole life, he has got everything covered. See Matthew 6:25-33… Dr Erik also called some kid in the audience an “anal sphincter”. Wow, I really hope that kid comes back.

The whole Record family was gone today, they took a much needed break. He did show up via webcam to kick the sermon off and introduce Dr. Erik. I would like to share Garrett & Ryan’s twitters about that subject… Forgive their spelling, they were texting and running a service : )

Garrett’s Tweet
Ryan’s Tweet

It’s hard to thank the crew when I am apart of the crew… So instead I will just tell you we did an awesome job. Go Us.

We had the The Historic on stage with an awesome cover of a Tom Petty song. I was really diggin’ the whole Bob Dylan with line dancing feel they had going on for their music. Many thanks to them for keeping actionchurch “chillin” today

Next week we are inviting you to bring your favorite chair, sofa, recliner, car seat, or toilet to church. The most ridiculous “item to sit on” will get a free lunch with me! I’ll remind you later in the week. Also, the week after is our actionchurch @ the park. Click the chair on the home page, or just go here to get all the details

One thought on “Sunday Recap: Chill – Week Two

  1. I think he’ll be back, he really wasn’t sure what an “anal sphincter” was. It’s probably the last time I’ll sit right in the front though! ;)