up hill


Pretty funny.  I blah-blah-blogged yesterday (here)  about some areas in the church that we are choosing to not “coast” in…areas we are choosing to “pedal like crazy” in. (Even though we are a small volunteer led church heading into summer during a recession.)   Of course by the end of the day I had pretty much received news of difficulties in every area that we have chosen to work harder in. These situations and problems will mean that not only do we not have the opportunity to coast, in some cases in order to keep moving forward we may have to get “off the bike” and push it up the stinkin’ hill!  :-)

All this opposition…all these “up hill” things happening in one day… makes me think we may be on the right track.  Ever have days like that?

One thought on “up hill

  1. Yep! Sometimes when it is the most difficult that means you are doing the right thing. Wasn’t it Churchill that said if you have enemies thats good because it means you stand for something.
    I don’t know if that applies but I always liked that quote!