Not Coasting…


Pictured above is the first photo I took at Fat Daddy’s Nightclub over two years ago when I first went to “explore” the club as a possible venue for actionchurch. I had no ideas when I snapped this shot of a tiny stage and a beer pong table that it would be the start of a really amazing (and sometimes terrifying) ride.

We’ve been meeting on Sundays as a church for over a year now. We are entering our second Summer.   We’ve made it at least one year longer than our critics would have ever imagined. God has provided the right people and the right resources at just the right time- over and over again.  We are now in our second venue (Club 19)   Instead of doing everything for the “first time” we can now say “remember how we did this last year?”.   The question is what to do now…

It’s tempting to start to “coast” as an organization.  To start to operate out of “tradition”  (yes, even a church in a bar develops tradition).  It’s tempting to start doing things “the way we’ve always done it”.  It’s tempting to “cut back” our efforts due to economic pressures.  It’s tempting to “recycle” ideas and plans instead of creating new ones.  It’s tempting to say “we’re heading into summer…let’s just kinda coast through the time when so many people go on vacation”.    I’ve been feeling in my gut (okay, I know “feeling in my spirit” sounds more preachery…but I have a big gut!) that “coasting” is the exact WRONG thing for us to do as a church right now.

I believe with all my spirit, mind, and intuition that now is the time to “pedal like crazy”.  Now is the time to trust God to do even bigger things…things that seem out of our reach.  (and yeah…we’ve been through this.  Having faith that God wants to do more at actionchurch involves us “pedaling like crazy” because “faith without deeds is dead!”)   Here’s just a few things that we are working on to expand actionchurch over the summer.

Music-  We are currently working with 315 artists management  and all the bands of actionchurch to “pedal like crazy” musically.  We will be seeing some new acts this summer (rumor has it that we may even see a “signed” band on the actionchurch stage.)  We are becoming a church filled with musicians so I also look forward to seeing more of our “home grown talent” on Sunday mornings…Musically I think this summer is going to rock!

Sermons-  I think Josiah and I are clicking better than ever creatively…but we will not be “doing it the way we did it last year”.  We are going to be “pedaling like crazy” creatively.  I am working to get better at the way I present the Good news each week.  We will be experimenting with new ways to communicate truth…new formats…new methods.  I want to create more of a “discussion” than a “presentation”.    It’s so much easier to “coast”…to “phone it in” during the summer.   Instead I want to work harder…get better…pedal harder.  Every Sunday is crucial.

The Facility-  Club 19 has been great for actionchurch.  We are so blessed to have such a great place to meet.  One thing that we have been lacking though is a place for parents of small children.  Unlike at Fat Daddies’, there is no patio for parents to “escape” to when either the music (or their children :-)  are too loud.  The club owner approached me Sunday about how he is considering expanding the club and adding a VIP area in the back that will have a Video link to the stage.  Unlike the “baby bus” it will be more spacious and comfortable and will allow our guest with small children to enjoy actionchurch on Sunday mornings.  Will it cost more…yep.  We’re gonna pedal harder.

Looking outward-   It’s most tempting in tough economic times to focus “inward”…to look at only our own needs…to coast.  I am convinced we need to do the opposite.  Please help us as we support Relay for Life this year as a church.  Please join us in promoting actionchurch to our friends that “don’t like church”.  Because these are difficult financial times we will work to use all of our resources wisely.  To cut costs where we can…except in the area of helping others…In that area I think we need to pedal like crazy!

These are just a few things we are working on for this summer…they may be called the “lazy days of summer” but actionchurch will not be coasting!

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