Mothers Day Recap


Lots of fun today doing Mothers day-actionchurch style.  I love our team, our people, and most of all our God who somehow allows our little “mad science experiment” of a church to live and breathe…  

Today we finished off the “My life is a Circus” series by talking about “the Juggler” (Busyness).   Juggling is the one part of the “circus life” that you can never get away from.  There are limitless possibilities of things to do…and a limited time to do them.  The only way to control our time is to realize that saying “Yes” to anything means that you are saying “No” to something else.  It’s tempting to fill our lives with insignificant “details”…even though they have no eternal value. (Luke 10:38-42)  We also have to remember that even Jesus “went away” from the crowds of people needing to be healed and cared for…We simply cannot care about everything…all the time. Even “good, important, eternal” things can become overwhelming.  If Jesus didn’t meet the needs of every person he came in contact with here on earth…How can we expect to?   (Luke 5:12-16)   Happy “Juggling”!


We “activated” the ac all-stars for Mothers Day and they did not dissappoint!   I think they captured the “theme” of Mothers Day and busyness better than I even hoped for.  Are we the only church in America that started out the day with our own version of “Mama told me not to come”?  Probably…but too bad for everyone else…cause it ruled.  After a rocking set Jerry nailed the Trace Adkins tear jerker “Your Gonna Miss this”…  Loved it…all.


“DJ Garrett”

The allstars weren’t the only one’s making music…Garrett took his charge to come up with the “mother of all mothers day preservice play lists” very seriously.   Pre-service music included “Mamma I’m coming home” by Ozzy,  “Mama we’re all crazy now” by Quiet Riot, “Mother” by Danzig…and a few other “mother” classics that slip my mind.  The funniest part was the opening strains of “Stacy’s Mom” immediately after the service ended.   Only at actionchurch…well done, Garrett…well done.   :-)

The “much prettier Record” kicked of the service today.  She was scared to death but I loved having Michele welcome all the Moms…she truly is the reason that I don’t “live in a van down by the river”.  And yes her story about me still texting while getting chased by a bee is true.

Gave out Fitzgees choclates to Moms today…THEY DISAPPEARED.  Love doing business with Fitzgees…they may be the nicest people on the planet.

Great crowd today…and lots of “kidz” in the back!  Thanks for inviting your friends to actionchurch.

I’m not sure who won the tickets for the circus in actionkidz… but whoever it was…have fun!

Thanks to Ryan for rocking the tech stuff while Josiah was on week two of his “all my friends are getting married” tour :-)

…was sick all week. Felt like crap this morning…got to the club and felt great…got back home and felt like crap again.  I’m thankful for the short term “boost” so I could preach…maybe I should “preach” to the family so that I’ll feel better again…

Happy Mothers Day.   Out.


2 thoughts on “Mothers Day Recap

  1. Hi Don,
    Just wanted to let you know that I got a lot out of the Mother’s Day message. It is a hard thing to learn to say No — especially to good and noble causes and people. I have heard the Mary and Martha story many times but I thought the way you related this story was practical and real — the best exposition I’ve heard yet. I also had a big a-ha moment when you were talking about Jesus taking time away. I had always focused on the prayer part of his solitude and never realized the other side of it–Jesus, in his human-ness, needed a break from doing stuff–even good stuff. This was a revolutionary idea to me! Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for the insights. I felt very blessed to be at Action Church last Sunday.

  2. Thanks for the kind words. That was a life changing moment for me also when I realized how many times the scriptures talked about Jesus “leaving the crowd”. It’s so easy to be overwhelmed with good stuff…stuff that really “matters”. I see great people burn out too often (I have at times myself) because we don’t give ourselves “permission” to get away and recharge like Jesus did.