Mothers Day -actionchurch style


Sunday is Mothers day so we have the “mother of all Sundays” planned to celebrate.  (Sorry for the bad pun…but I’ve been waiting to use it all year.)

Here’s the line-up for Sunday.   The ac all-stars on stage with a great Mothers day line up…  The actionkidz will be making a special surprise for their mom’s that will definitely bring out the “awwww, that’s so sweet” from her.     Some lucky family with a child  in actionkidz will win a 4 pack of tickets to the Ringling Brothers Circus at the Giant Center to end their “big top” series with a bang.  

 We’ll be ending up the “My life is a circus” series by talking about the Juggler.  I’ll  be talking about “busyness” and trying to “juggle” a schedule filled with too many things.  A subject that all moms happen to actually have a little experience with   :-)  I’m looking forward to telling every “busy” person two things about  Jesus on Sunday that I guarantee will take SO much “pressure” out of living.

Oh, and to top it off…since the Fitzgee’s  COCONUT eggs dissapeared so fast at Easter…we’ll be giving Mom a box of Fitzgee’s assorted chocolates.   Mothers Day-actionchurch style…don’t miss it!

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